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Welcome to Beginner Sales! If you’re new to sales, this page will help you find all the information you need to jump start your career!

Sales: Definition

In order to begin selling, it’s important to understand what sales actually is, and what it really means to sell something:

The exchange of a product or service for money; the action of selling

Selling something really just means that a person or group of people, has decided to pay you money in return for a product or service you are providing. This means they value that amount of money, less than they value the benefits they’ll be receiving in exchange for it.

If you have never worked in sales before, these are your first steps. first step in sales

Depending on your goals, sales is a significantly better career choice than any other field. Read this to understand why. There are several industries with entry level sales positions that make sense for beginner sales reps. However, a goal for most sales reps is to find the most lucrative and rewarding position they can. Read this to learn more about the best industries for salespeople to work in.


Sales-Process-101-ImageIf you are new to sales or would like to review the basic selling process, start here.

As you gain a better understanding of those basic principles, you should move on to more advanced techniques for skills like cold calling, presenting and closing.

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