resume pictureHow to Write a Great Beginner Sales Resume

What are sales recruiters and sales managers looking for in a resume? This is the most important question to consider and you should be writing your sales resume with it in mind. It should be safe to assume that the goal for this resume is to secure an interview and ultimately a job in sales. You may have no sales experience and therefore it is important to translate your previous experiences into traits and qualifications that will help you succeed in sales and be relevant to recruiters.

To create a positive first impression of your resume and grab attention quickly, start by featuring a “Summary of Qualifications” section after your contact information. This section showcases your accomplishments but also leaves recruiters wanting to know a little bit more about each point, which they can find in the “work experience” section of your resume.

Sample resume summary of qualifications:

  • Over 2 years of retail sales experience
  • Consistently exceeded monthly and annual quotas
  • Self-motivated to drive performance and achieve sales goals
  • Comfortable multi-tasking in a fast paced work environment
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Some will recommend an “objective” section before the summary of qualifications to say something like, “secure a position for a great organization where I can use my skillsets and competitive nature to advance my career.” This is frankly unnecessary and can detract from your resume as recruiters are fully aware of your objectives when submitting a resume to them…to get an interview and a job!

Key Points to Emphasize on Your Resume

Sales is a results-driven industry. Even if you have little to no sales experience, emphasize the results of your actions in any job you’ve had. How did you add value in your previous jobs?

Example without sales experience: “Exceeded productivity goals, consistently resolving 15% more customer complaints than peers”

Example w/ sales experience: “Closed competitive sales to exceed 110% of annual quota in 2013”

Achieving goals both small and large is extremely important in sales and therefore sales recruiters and managers want to know if you are capable of doing so. Highlight goals you’ve achieved in previous work experiences: “Achieved company-wide goal of increasing monthly customer service ratings by 15%”

See our example sales resume template for beginners!