optionsDoes the term “sales career” carry a negative or positive connotation for you? Many young adults searching for their first career, or looking for something better than their current job, disregard sales as a quality option simply because they view “sales” as something negative. The sad part is this thought process couldn’t be more ignorant. A sales career could be the perfect match for you and here is why!


Oh the sweet smell of money! Who wouldn’t want the opportunity working in a job that has unlimited earning potential. In sales, you make what you earn. What I mean is, the more work you put in, the more money you can make. A career in sales is the only career where you get paid more for working hard. If you are in a regular administrative job, you get paid the same salary no matter how hard you work or what you do. Boring! In sales, the harder you work, the more organized you are, the better your skills are, the more money you make!

There are 2 different ways that companies pay their salesmen and women. One way is commission only. This option does not include a base salary but you get a higher percentage of the sale when you make one. The other is salary plus commission. This includes a base salary, plus commissions on the deals you sell. However, you will receive a smaller percentage of the deal compared to a commission only payment structure. For a better understanding of the two options I would recommend reading more on which sales job is right for you.

Personal Control and Freedom

Do you like the idea of being locked up in a box all day like a caged animal? Does living in a cubicle day after day, for 40+ hours per week sound enjoyable? If it does, then a career in sales is definitely wrong for you.

A career in sales is one full of freedom, variety, excitement, and personal development. You are your own boss and run your business how you want it to be run. No day is ever the same as you are constantly interacting with different people. There is a unique thrill and sense of excitement when winning over the business of an organization and knowing what it means to you financially. Also, sales gives you the ability to develop the personal skills that are necessary for you to become successful by constantly pushing you slightly outside of your comfort zone. That is the greatness of sales!

No other career out there will allow you to wake up in the morning and create a plan for yourself without at least having to check with your manager. In fact, most jobs out there will have you doing the same thing every day, with your manager looking over your shoulder every moment.

Competitive Nature

If you are competitive you will like sales, plain and simple. The most successful people in sales are great because they strive to be the best and won’t settle for anything less. In return they are rewarded with enormous pay checks.

Sales people are the most important employees in any organization. Without sales people a company wouldn’t sell any products, and therefore wouldn’t make a profit. Due to the importance of sales people, they often receive praise and recognition for a job well done. There is no better feeling than working hard, being successful, and then being recognized for doing so.

When hiring sales people, many companies look for those who have played competitive sports at a high level. Athletics shows that the individual is a hard worker, likes to win, and is coachable. Click on the appropriate links to further understand what should or should not be included on your resume or brought up during the interview process.

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